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Car Wash Edmonton

At Canada Car Detailing, we provide a quality Mobile car wash Edmonton services and also other services include car Mobile car detailing Edmonton services. Our mobile car wash Edmonton services comes to your door, making it easy and convenient.

Trust in our team of local Edmonton detailers, who are all held to the highest quality and service standards for providing Mobile car detailing Edmonton; it’s guaranteed!

Mobile Car Detailing Edmonton

We provide drop-off and mobile car detailing Edmonton services, depending on which is more convenient for you. Our complete services will be right at your door, providing quality services.

Note: We are also providing services for people like you who are traveling to other locations across Canada. This gives us the skill and expertise to manage any detailing job, while providing localized service. Our Other Locations include;

Our Services

Our services for Mobile car detailing in Edmonton include the following;

  • Interior Car Detailing Edmonton
  • Exterior Car Detailing Edmonton
  • Complete Full service detailing in Edmonton
  • Ceramic Coating Edmonton
  • Odor Treatment Edmonton
  • Engine Cleaning and Shampoo Edmonton

Interior Car Detailing Edmonton

When cleaning your vehicle’s interior for car detailing in Edmonton, our team takes great care and attention to detail. We meticulously clean everything including;

  • Dash and doors
  • Cup holders
  • Vents and crevices
  • Consoles and Glove boxes (If emptied)
  • Windows
  • Carpets
  • Seats, and visors

And much more for our valued customers.

Exterior Car Detailing Edmonton

Our Edmonton Car Detailing services also professionally provide outside car detailing services. Our team takes care of your car by;

  • Polishing and Waxing
  • Swirl & scratch removal
  • Tires & dressing services
  • wheel and window cleaning
  • Ceramic Coating

Save this page for all your car washing and interior cleaning needs in Edmonton. Try Canada Car Detailing, and you will not be disappointed!

Other Locations:

Exterior – $ 90

Hand​ wash and dry. Rims and tires cleaned and shined. One coat of premium wax or paint sealant.

Interior – $ 150

Complete vacuum and shampoo of seats, carpets, mats and trunk. Dash, doors, vents, cup holders and consoles cleaned…

Complete – $ 200

Exterior wash and wax with full interior detail package, including shampoo with stain and salt removal.


Client Testimonials

  • Rebecca Dorris
    Rebecca Dorris

    Amazing work by Tyler! I have an old car with fabric seats that had been through a whole summer of camping and many years of everything I could throw at it. Everything was so clean and smelled great when I got it, and the service and communication was excellent. Also, the price was great and there were no price surprises like ive heard of at other companies. Would highly recommend!

  • Jordan Jutiz
    Jordan Jutiz

    Awesome experience I had with this company! Did a very good quality job on my vehicle. I highly recommend their service.

  • Joe Bettencourt
    Joe Bettencourt

    Good Service, reliable, and scheduling was a breeze Love the mobile service

  • Jackie Shore
    Jackie Shore

    Very professional, friendly and fast! I like that they come to you. Got rid of all the dog hair like magic.

  • D Wright
    D Wright

    Best car clean I’ve ever had! Interior was immaculate, owner is very polite and professional, rate is fair. I highly recommend Canada Car Detailing!

  • Lea M.
    Lea M.

    They Go above and beyond. I recommend Tyler from Ottawa and Barrhaven! Super friendly and knowledgeable m


    What to do while I am getting my car detailed in Edmonton?

    Since we come right to your door anywhere in Edmonton Ontario, you can remain in the comfort of your home. Many of our clients take the opportunity to catch up on work or household tasks they have been meaning to complete. While we detail your car right in your driveway you can also visit your local area near you.

    Visit the West Edmonton Mall - This is one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in the world, with over 800 stores, an indoor amusement park, water park, ice rink, and much more.
    Explore the River Valley - This is the largest urban park system in North America, with over 160 kilometers of trails, parks, and wildlife habitats.
    Check out the Art Gallery of Alberta - This is a beautiful building that showcases a variety of art from local, national, and international artists.
    Visit the Alberta Legislature Building - This beautiful building is the center of government in Alberta and is open to the public for tours.
    Learn about the history of the province at the Royal Alberta Museum - This museum has a variety of exhibits that explore the history, culture, and natural resources of the province.

    What is Car Detailing?

    Car Detailing is more than just cleaning your car. Its the use of professional tools and techniques to meticulously “detail” every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Car detailers professionally polish your paint to bring back that original shine and help protect the paint for the long-term.

    What is Canada Car Detailing?

    We are building the largest network of Local Detailers across Canada, including Edmonton. We hold detailers to the highest quality standards while helping them remain affordable. We help local detailers remain competitively priced by helping them with marketing, advertising, training and business operations at a very small percentage. Our detailers are not employees, they are local business owners. We want clients and consumers to see the Canada Car Detailing brand and know they will get a reliable, quality detail every time – It’s Guaranteed.