Calgary Car Detailing - Mobile Service

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Exterior – $ 90

  • Hand​ wash
  • Hand dry.
  • Rims Cleaned
  • Tires cleaned and shined.
  • Coat of premium wax/sealant.
  • Windows
  • Exterior plastic shined

Interior – $ 150

  • Salts & Stain Removal
  • Full vacuum
  • Full Shampoo
  • All plastic, doors, dash, vents cleaned & conditioned
  • Windows cleaned
  • Door Jams.
  • Leather Seats incl.
  • New car look

Complete – $ 200

  • Exterior package: Everything included in the exterior detailing package
  • Interior detail package: Everything included in the interior detail package


Car Detailing Calgary

Interior detailing and exterior car polishing in Calgary is what we do best. Canada Car Detailing’s Mobile car detailing calgary offers friendly and reliable service right at your door! Shop local with our services. All detailers are local to Calgary providing car detailing calgary services and are held to the highest standards of quality and service – It’s Guaranteed!

Interior Car Detailing Calgary

When detailing the interior of your vehicles we patiently clean every section. As we are a mobile car detailing in Calgary we meticulously clean your dash, doors, cup holders, consoles (if emptied), windows, carpets,  seats, visors – everywhere! Our interior car detailing calgary is not limited to only cleaning your car from the inside, what you can see more is care and quality and more than 5 years in this industry is proof of professionalism when it comes to car detailing calgary.

Exterior Car Detailing Outside

We also take care of your car from the outside through car wash and dry services, swirl & scratch removal, car detailing polish and wax, tires & dressing, and window and wheel cleaning. So in simple words we provide everything when it comes to car detailing calgary

Note: We also provide car detailing full services including both exterior and interior detailing.

Mobile Car Detailing Calgary

Since we are Mobile car detailing in Calgary and we come right to your door anywhere in Calgary Alberta you can remain in the comfort of your home.

Many of our clients take the opportunity to catch up on work or household tasks they have been meaning to complete.

While we detail your car right in your driveway you can also visit local landmarks such as Heritage Park.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for your local Mobile car detailing Calgary services such as car washing and interior car cleaning needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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    Has to be one of the best detailing company’s I have come across, give it to these guys there great!!!


    What services are included in a mobile car detailing package?

    Our mobile car detailing packages include a variety of services, such as washing and waxing the exterior, polishing and buffing, tire and rim cleaning, vacuuming and stain removal for the interior, fabric and leather conditioning, and odor removal. We also offer additional services such as ceramic coatings and pet hair removal upon request.

    How much does mobile car detailing cost?

    Prices for our mobile car detailing packages vary based on the size of the vehicle and the specific services you choose. We offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and needs. Prices will range from interior details starting at $150 and complete details starting at $225. We also offer paint correction with ceramic coating. These services can add up to several hundred dollars.

    Who or what is Canada Car Detailing?

    We are building the largest network of independent local detailers across Canada. We team up with the best detailers in your area and hold each other accountable to highest quality standards. We help local detailers remain competitively priced by helping them with marketing, advertising, training and business operations. Essentially, we eliminate the paperwork so they can focus on what’s important, your car. Our detailers are not employees, they are local business owners. We want clients and consumers to see the Canada Car Detailing brand and know they will get a reliable, quality detail every time – It’s Guaranteed.

    Do I need to be present during the detailing process?

    It is not necessary for you to be present during the detailing process, but if you would like to be present, you are welcome to do so. We just ask that you maintain a safe distance from the technicians and equipment for your own safety and the safety of our team.