Interior Detailing and Exterior Polishing is our specialty. We may have a national brand but we are very much local to the community. In fact, one of my favorite places to visit with my family is Odell Park as well as Killarney Lake Park.

As a professional detailing company we offer everything from interior shampooing, paint correcting, paint polishing and even body work. Book online or give us a call at (506) 606-5510

Thank you for visiting Canada Car Detailing’s mobile service in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Exterior – $ 90

Tax Included

Hand​ wash and dry. Rims and tires cleaned and shined. One coat of premium wax or paint sealant.

Interior – $ 135

Tax Included

Complete vacuum and shampoo of seats, carpets, mats and trunk. Dash, doors, vents, cup holders and consoles cleaned…

Complete – $ 180

Tax Included

Exterior wash and wax with full interior detail package, including shampoo with stain and salt removal.