Embrun Car Detailing - Mobile Service

Shop local for your car detailing needs.

Exterior – $ 90

Hand​ wash and dry. Rims and tires cleaned and shined. One coat of premium wax or paint sealant.

Interior – $ 150

Complete vacuum and shampoo of seats, carpets, mats and trunk. Dash, doors, vents, cup holders and consoles cleaned…

Complete – $ 200

Exterior wash and wax with full interior detail package, including shampoo with stain and salt removal.


Car Detailing Embrun

Interior detailing and exterior car polishing are what we do best. Canada Car Detailing’s mobile service in Embrun, Ontario, offers friendly and reliable service right at your door!

Interior Car Detailing Embrun

When detailing the interior of your vehicles, we patiently clean every section. Canada Car Detailing provides dedicated car interior detailing in Embrun for its precious customers. We meticulously clean your;

  • Dash
  • Doors
  • Cup holders
  • Consoles (if emptied)
  • Windows
  • Carpets
  • Car Seat Steam 
  • Indoor Glass & Side Panels
  • Vinyl & Rubber Parts Conditioning
  • Spray & Perfuming
  • Visors and much more

Car Detailing Outside

We also provide Exterior car detailing services for every kind of car. Canada Car Detailing’s outside car detailing is dedicated to providing quality, including

  • Car Body Dry Wash
  • Swirl & Scratch Removal
  • 3M Premium Wax Coating
  • Tires & Bumper Dressing 
  • Wheel/Alloy Cleaning
  • Windshield Cleaning

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Embrun has a special place in our hearts, because the founder, Patrick Leduc, of Canada Car Detailing grew up on Castlebeau St. Patrick even attended École secondaire catholique Embrun. With its wonderful farming community and it’s beautiful French language we are please to offer our mobile car detailing services to you in Embrun, Ontario.





    How much should I spend on a car detail?

    Car detailing package can range in price across Canada. In Embrun, Ontario the prices start from $100 Interior Package (no shampoo) and $185 Interior Package (with Shampoo). When it comes to exterior car detailing it is typically around a $100 service. For a complete detailing inside and out, you can expect to pay around $250 for complete full-service. At Canada car detailing we guarantee all our services.

    Is professional car detailing worth it?

    Professional car detailing is totally worth it. An unprofessional car detailing service can lead you to have scratches on your paint, odor problems inside the car and worst, those streaky windows! Professional detailers at Canada Car detailing will have the tools and experience to clean your car back to original while protecting it for the future. We know what what products to use and how to get the job done effectively, all at the comfort of your own home - We come to you!

    What is mobile auto detailing?

    Mobile car detailing is a service where the car detailing company comes right to your door. The company's professional detailers will provide all the services at your house. Canada Car Detailing is one of the few companies that is providing reliable and experienced mobile car detailing services across Canada.

    Will mobile detailing in Embrun remove scratches?

    It's always important to speak with a professional detailer before booking any specialized services, especially if you want to have scratches removed. A basic detail and wax will not remove scratches. However, in Embrun, Ontario we have the expertise and knowledge to help with paint correction and scratch removal. This can provide added protection and make your vehicle look like new. The severity of the scratch will ultimately determine if the scratch can be removed, so it's always best to consult with a professional like Canada Car Detailing before making any decisions.