Car Detailing Company is looking for Mobile Car Cleaners/Detailers.
The “Uber” of Car Washing

My name is Patrick. I am the founder and co-owner of Canada Car Detailing, a modern mobile car wash startup located in the Capital of Canada. You can check us out here but please remember – we are still under construction and updating our website daily.

We payout up to 80% of the revenue to our detailers: In comparison, Groupon pays 36% and all they do is advertise for you. We advertise, book, train and offer free support while you are on the job. Uber driving adds up to approx 20/hours (according to forum discussions and reviews we checked out). We are a big fan of Uber, but with us you can earn even more (approx. 32.5/hour) and the good news – you can do both as a side Hustle.

Must Have (no exception)

Own Vehicle for transportation.

Minimum 1 year cleaning experience.

Sorry everyone, but we need people who have an eye for detail and love to clean.

A positive – can do attitude.

Your duties include driving to clients home (with your own car) and detailing vehicles in clients driveway. Wash, wax, vacuum, shampoo carpets/seats, wipe/condition interior plastic, leather treatment, windows, etc. Don’t worry, we can help you get started and offer remote training to the right candidate.

Our ideal candidate has already started their mobile business and understands the difficulties in finding new clients. That’s where we come in and help!

Own Business

If you haven’t started your own business yet here is what you will need; (We help the right candidate get setup)

Wet/dry Vacuum

Extension cord


50 foot hose

Microfiber cloths

Products (we will specify what products).

Please note this will be a contract position. You are responsible for your own taxes, CPP payments and HST collection. We charge you HST on our booking service. We can offer you referrals to an accountant if you do not already have one. This is NOT a “cash job”.

I came up with this idea when my local car detailing business started receiving more calls than I could handle himself. Instead of hiring hourly workers I started giving cars away to local detailers just starting out as a goodwill gesture. Eventually one detailer said: “Hey! Ill pay you per client if you refer them all to me instead of everyone else”. We were successful with this strategy and eventually the team grew to more seasonal contractors.

Message resume to

referrals from our current contractors are available upon request.


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