Complete In & Out Cleaning

Most people decide to clean their cars’   at the most inconvenient times. Local car washes are busy, you have a tight schedule, and finding time to get your interior of your car cleaned just seems impossible. This is where CCD comes in to provide you with interior car cleaning and exterior polishing at home or anywhere else with access to water and power.

Interior Car Cleaning That Comes To You

The in: Complete vacuum and shampoo of seats, carpets, mats and trunk with salt and stain removal. Dash, doors, vents, cup holders, glove box and consoles are cleaned, shined and protected. Windows cleaned. Door jams polished/waxed.

Car Interior Vacuum Cleaning (Including seats and floor)

Car Floor Mats Cleaning

Car Dashboard Conditioning

Dashboard Cleaning

Car Seat Steam cleaning and Shampoo

Upholstery Cleaning

Indoor Glass & Side Panels Cleaning

Vinyl & Rubber Parts Conditioning

Leather & Fabric Seat Care

Spray / Perfuming


The out: Hand​ wash and dry. Rims and tires cleaned and shined. One coat of premium wax or paint sealant. Additional coat of spray wax applied for that extra shine.

Car Body Dry Wash

Swirl & Scratch Removal

3M Premium Wax Coating

Tires & Bumper Dressing

Wheel/Alloy Cleaning

Windshield Cleaning